Thursday, April 18, 2019

Getting the Word Out

Perhaps you have seen us at the Briarwood subway stop on Tuesday mornings as we try to get the word out about the new community supported agriculture (CSA) group, the Briarwood CSA.

We picked Tuesdays because that is the day for the food scraps drop off that is run by the Queens Botanical Garden. Forest and Alex, who are the QBG composting experts, have been tremendously encouraging, sharing their knowledge and offering valuable advice. We figured that people who recycle food scraps would be interested in a CSA, but boy the response has been far better than we had imagined.

We have gotten over 60 signatures of people who are interested, want to know more, or are ready to sign up. This is helping us convince our partner farm to take a chance on a new location. For that we say, "Thank You."

The response from neighbors has been powerful and inspiring. We have spoken with people who know what a CSA is;---and with others who are willing to listen and who see it makes sense. Most people agree that there is a need for a source of healthy farm fresh food in Briarwood. People should have a choice, as they do in other Queens neighborhoods. And we are trying to make that happen.

Can you help us?

    Join us for the 2019 Summer and Fall season.
Contact us at:
Twitter: @briarwoodcsa


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  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.