Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Know Your Farmer...

One of the sayings in CSA is, "Know your farmer, know your food." 

You can find out how Chris & Eve got started at the About Us page on the farm's website. Spend time on that site.

Surprise! Here is a video from a little ways back which we just rediscovered on YouTube!

Last year Eve came to Kew Gardens to speak to the KGCSA and this year Chris came to the Meet N Greet. It meant a lot to us and both events were great. We came away informed. One reason they came by is they, in turn, want to know who they grow for. That's us!

Visiting the farm is the best way to see who they are. While they may not be able to personally come over and see everyone--they are farming after all--their farm speaks for them....
Go out to the farm for special events, listed on their website. And, if you feel especially ambitious, you can go out to the farm and work there for a day.

Over the course of time, years even, you can get to know the farmers, and they you.
The special relationship between farmers and members is only available in CSA.

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Facebook: @briarwoodcsa
The Briarwood CSA is in partnership with the Kew Gardens CSA.

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  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.