Tuesday, June 18, 2019

DAY ONE: Thanks, Everybody

Thanks everyone for a wonderful first distribution. Wow! We were finally able to connect names on lists to members' faces. Thx for all feedback and positivity.

Pictured above is Giovane, Garden of Eve driver and more. He made the long trip from Riverhead, had several stops here in Queens, then found us in Briarwood. You may know him from the Garden of Eve stand at the Forest Hills greenmarket.
What we got: Veggies: Asparagus,  pea shoots, lettuce, onion, sweet salad turnips, chives, bok choi; Fruit: Strawberries, 2 qt, rhubarb; Eggs: One dozen from pastured hens; Bread: one loaf multigrain; Cheese: three varieties, from sheep milk and goat milk;

Norah and Radek did the sign ins and got everyone their goodies. I was happy to meet everyone and as always there is admin stuff. 

Good to hear that members are doing outreach, getting the word out to family and friends. Neighbors stopped by to see what it was all about and we expect new signups. Our 17 member group will grow to....?

And oh yes, we met two of our canine members, Zooey and Ziggy, the super CSA dogs.


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