Tuesday, July 30, 2019


To All:
We can still sign you up--at a pro-rated price--for the rest of the CSA season: 8 more pickups, the ebst is yet to come!

Sign up at the farm's website: www.gardenofevefarm.com/csa

Talk to us about our loan fund. We can put money up front and you can pay in installments We want to expand or membership and make CSA available to all!
Email: briarwoodcsa@gmail.com
Website: www.briarwoodcsa.org
Twitter: @briarwoodcsa
Facebook: @briarwoodcsa
The Briarwood CSA is in partnership with the Kew Gardens CSA.
Email: kewgardenscsa@gmail.com

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  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.