Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What We Got: August 25, 2019

photo credit: Zina Z.
Sunday's distribution was a great experience as members got to know more members and we had some good talks on food, farm, CSA and other related  (and unrelated) matters. The farm 🚜came through for us, as always. We got the new Green Issue of Edible Queens! And we are planning an Event (see below)
Photo credit: Zina Z.
We got: It was the monthly Mega week, with all share categories. Veggies: Eggplant, onion, potatoes, corn, cherry tomatoes, lg tomatoes; Eggs; Fruit: pears; Cheese; Bread; Meat; Beer.πŸ…
Photo credit: Zina Z.

EVENT: Zina has graciously offered her place and we have two Saturdays in late September as possible dates. We will send a survey asking which one works for you. Thx to Zina and Nazneen, who are coordinating.
 Photo credit: Zina Z.

Thx Nazneen for bringing surplus to the shelter. πŸ’“

Things to work on: The white plastic bags from the farm have SOOO much stuff and the handles tend to sometimes break. We strongly advise that members bring their own strong, reliable canvas bags. If you do, the farm would appreciate the return of the white bags, as they cost---and it would be green to reuse those.🌎
Photo credit: Zina Z.
We hope you are CSA happy.πŸ‘

Thank you, everyone----

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