Thursday, March 11, 2021

Join the Briarwood CSA!

 Signups are open for the Summer/Fall CSA in Briarwood.
Join us now!

Briarwood friends and neighbors: Please join us for our THIRD year in Briarwood and pick up shares from Garden of Eve Organic Farm: Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs, Flowers, Cheese, Beer. Information and signups at 🌱

Support a family farm; be good to the environment; eat healthy, farm fresh food; build community!

We distribute the farm fresh food at the service road next to the Briarwood library across from the Briarwood subway stop on Sunday mornings from 8am to 10:00.

The 2021 season will begin on Sunday, June 13. We are a biweekly CSA, with pickups every other week. Why not go in with a partner/friend to make it more fun and so you can share/exchange items? The farm offers extended payment plans and the CSA has financial support in subsidized shares and a revolving loan program to attract a wider membership. If you are interested and think cost is an issue because you are impacted by the economy, contact us, please.

If you are a returning member from last year, we will be so happy to see you again. Why not check in or contact us with suggestions, tips, or questions. We appreciate your help. 💓
If you are considering joining for the first time, we are here to answer questions and give advice on how to make your membership work. 👍
We are on Facebook, Twitter. Email us at:

The Briarwood CSA observes COVID safety protocols.

The Briarwood CSA is in partnership with the Kew Gardens CSA and we are members of the Just Food CSA Network.

Membership Options for 2021


Briarwood CSA Shares and Prices for 2021

Sign up at the farm's website.

By request, here is a brief description of your share choices and prices. Be sure to consult the complete information on each share at the Garden of Eve website as you make your choices. If you have questions about anything, ask the farm or us. Briarwood is a biweekly only CSA. We have 12 pickups per season, starting June 13 and continuing every other week through November 14. When you sign up, choose A week from the dropdown.

Everybody starts out with an obligatory vegetable share of any kind listed below. To this you can add on a variety of options including a Fruit Share, Egg Share, Sunflower Share, Cheese Share and monthly Craft Beer share. Further details can be found on the Farm's signup page.

*Vegetable Biweekly Share: $385.08....12 distributions ($35.09 per pickup) 7-9 vegetables and herb items per pickup, includes enough vegetables for two large vegetarian meals per week for a family--or sides for a whole week.

COMBO Biweekly Share (Vegetables, Fruit, Sunflowers, Eggs): $675....12 distributions ($56.25/pickup) The Biweekly Combo responds to POPULAR DEMAND for a little bit of everything at a reasonable price. It includes a biweekly share of veg, fruit, flowers and eggs at $25 off the total price of the shares if purchased separately.

Vegeholic Biweekly Share (2x Vegetable): $720 / season....12 distributions ($60.00/pickup) This share should last you a whole week, for veggie meals every day or extensive juicing. It will be approximately 5-6 bunches of greens per week and 15-20 lbs additional vegetables. It will be a LOT of vegetables at some points in the season, so please take this into account!

Veg Share SUMMER ONLY $32.31 / 14 distributions = $452.34/ for short season (June to September)


Fruit Biweekly Share: $180.24....12 weeks @ $15.02/pickup   June: Strawberries, July: Blueberries, Raspberries, cherries, August: Peaches, sometimes plums, apricots, nectarines, melons, September and October: Apples of many different varieties, sometimes heirloom apple varieties, and pears. Typical quantity is 2 quarts of berries, or 3-4 lbs of peaches/ plums/ pears, or 10 apples.

Eggs Biweekly Share: $84.00....12 weeks @ $7 doz/pickup  Receive one dozen farm-fresh eggs from our own pastured, free-range layers. The yolks are very orange and full of omega-3's, naturally. The most flavorful egg you will ever eat.

Sunflowers Biweekly Share: $50....NOTE: 5 distributions @ $10/bouquet. ends early. Beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, grown fresh on the farm and picked up weekly. Flowers last 4-7 days in a vase.

Cheese Biweekly Share: $240....12 weeks@ $20/pickup  Each CHEESE share contains 3 different types of cheese/dairy, usually not repeated during the season. The seasonally available cheeses are mainly from family-scale creameries in New York State, NJ, and VT. NO PRODUCT IN THIS SHARE WILL Be made from milk that contains HORMONES, ANTIBIOTICS or other non-natural substances. It will include a rotating variety of the following, among other surprises: goat chevre; cows milk cheeses; aged raw milk cheeses; yogurt; sheep cheese

Craft Beer Biweekly Share: $87.00.... $14.50 x 6 monthly pickups One half-growler of craft beer from Garden of Eve Farm Brewery each month! You will receive 32 oz of a different beer each month, in a re-usable glass bottle (enough for approx 3 glasses). Order as many shares as growlers you'd like to receive monthly! You will go through these fast. Price includes sales tax

Pay for your shares with credit card or e-check. We suggest that e-check is better for the farm as they incur costs when we pay by card. Note that the farm has an extended-payment option using e-check. Sign up at the farm's website.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

COVID Protocols


Many people are joining CSAs at this time because they want more options: far fewer people handle your food versus supermarkets; it is a dependable stream for food in a fragile food chain; farm food is healthy and builds the immune system.

We are adapting to the current crisis. Our shares are pre-packaged at the farm in bags with members names on them--grab and go style. On site we wear masks and gloves, have sanitizer, and observe social distancing. Our surplus goes to those in need during this crisis.

Our volunteer requirement is always being evaluated. Normally, CSAs require members to give time at distribution or other tasks. This expectation was relaxed in 2020 and for 2021we will see where we are in June and after. No one will be expected to work who is uncomfortable, of course. Talk to us about any concerns.

Stay safe and sane, everybody!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

What Is CSA?


What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for communities to buy high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. A farmer offers shares to the public---which usually include 7-10 types of vegetables, enough for a family of 2-3 people, along with add-on options for other items like fruits and eggs. Interested members purchase a seasonal subscription in advance allowing the farmer to pay for seed, equipment, etc. up front. Hence the “community-supported” part of CSA. 

Throughout the season, members receive a box of seasonal produce straight from the farm. By developing a relationship with the farmer who grows our food, we learn where it comes from, how it is grown, and we know and trust the source. Members are exposed to new vegetables and to new ways of cooking. 

There are over 120 CSAs in NYC. They are community-based and volunteer-powered, with decisions made by a Core Group of dedicated members.

“Know your farmer, know your food.”

Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of vegetables can I expect?

Check out the list of past distributions here.

Is the food organic?

Garden of Eve Farm is certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association of New York (NOFA-NY). Food grown on the farm and distributed by the CSA is certified-organic, including fruit grown on the farm (berries, melons). It is important to note that SOME FRUIT distributed by CSA MAY NOT BE ORGANIC, due to challenges of growing fruit in this region.It would be “low-spray.” Be assured the farm sources fruit from farmers it knows and trusts.

How does the volunteer shift work?

CSA members are required to give time–less than 4 hours–at pickup to help set up, check members in, and close up. We will have a system for members to select dates that they prefer to work.

Is there a membership fee?

A $15 membership fee helps us pay for general operating expenses such as tables, a canopy, supplies, promotional materials, and other incidental expenses. .After you sign up with the farm (they will charge a $10 admin fee of their own to cover their incidental, CSA-related expenses) you will receive a welcome letter explaining that you can pay the KGCSA Membership Fee before or at the first pickup.

What if I feel I cannot afford it? Is there help?

The farm offers a range of plans at various prices. And, it offers an extended payment plan of three payments over three months.

The KGCSA has a Scholarship/Subsidy program. The Core Group, through the generosity of the farm, sets aside a limited number of biweekly shares of vegetables which we assign to members who might not otherwise be able to join. If you think this might be right for you, please contact us by email and you will receive information on criteria and the application process. Confidentiality is assured. Talk to us, please.

Through a grant from CCNYC, we offer a revolving loan program. If paying the full cost upfront is an issue for you, talk to us about our revolving loan program

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not accept SNAP  EBT.

Are there other member benefits?

Yes. CSA members get a 10% discount at the GofE booths at the greenmarkets around the city (Forest Hills!) as well as at the farmstand at Garden of Eve Organic Farm. The farm gives discounts for many of its events.

Will I get help with all this food–how to cook, etc.?

Members can share recipes and tips during the lively discussions at our distribution site as well as in our KGCSA Members Facebook Group. The farm provides recipes in its weekly newsletter and you are encouraged to join the Garden of Eve Organic Farm members Fb group as well. And, we will provide important information on storing and preserving your share—as these veggies do not have chemicals!

Will I meet the farmer(s)?

We hope so, and we will try to make that happen. The CSA held pre-season Farmer Meet ‘N’ Greet events in Kew Gardens in April, 2018 and in March 2019 and we all learned so much. That was not doable in 2020 due to COVID. We encourage members to visit the farm for any of their special events. Chris & Eve want to know who they grow for, so you never know who may drive the truck in. The COVID crisis has impacted this and we look forward to a return to normal as soon as possible.

What kind of events does the farm have?

Garden of Eve Organic Farm has many events daily and weekly throughout the growing season, including TomatoFest and their legendary Garlic Festival which takes place in the Fall. Try their garlic ice cream! The COVID crisis has impacted this and we look forward to a return to normal as soon as possible. Info available on the farm website and members receive notifications and discounts.

Subsidized Share / Revolving Loan Programs


Subsidized Share Program

The subsidized share program is a way to make fresh, organic, local produce available to those with limited incomes. Subsidized shares are made possible through the generosity of Garden of Eve and the core group, and are given out on an as-needed basis, to the extent that we can afford to subsidize them.

Interested individuals are invited to submit a request via email to request should outline the reason for the request. Referrals of candidates by CSA members are especially welcome.

Anyone can apply for a subsidized share, and all applications are reviewed with respect to the confidentiality of the applicants by a small subcommittee of core members. The enrollment period ends on June 16th.

The following considerations will inform the selection of candidates:

– Hardship at the time of the application

– Time of the receipt of the application

– Qualification for government assistance such as WIC, EBT, social security/fixed income or disability (SSI)

– A total household income equal to or below the amount indicated in the chart below


(the number of people eating the share -whether or not they are related)


(Household’s total pre-tax income from all sources)


Subsidized shares are given out on the honor system, although the core group reserves the right to request supporting documents.

Revolving Loan Program

Through a grant from the Citizen's Committee for New York City, the Briarwood CSA offers a way to join the CSA without having to put the full amount of the shares up front. The CSA will fund the member's share, and the member will reimburse the CSA throughout the season. At the end of the season, the funds are restored into the CSA treasury to be used the following year...and after. The purpose of this loan is to increase membership and promote diversity.

Contact us at to discuss.....

Community Partners


Community Partners

Our CSA wouldn’t exist without the “C”–community! Some wonderful neighborhood organizations welcomed us when we first started and we continue to develop good relations in our wonderful Briarwood community. Thank you Briarwood friends for your positivity and support:

The Briarwood / Kew Gardens Lions Club

The Kiwanis Queens Boulevard Club

The Briarwood Community Library / QPL

Queens Botanical Gardens Compost Project

And all the partners of the Kew Gardens CSA listed below who helped get the word out about Briarwood:

Kew & Willow BooksGray’s BicyclesKew Gardens Civic Organization /; Kew Gardens Improvement OrganizationKew Gardens CinemasCookies and Cream Pastry ShopQueens Botanical Garden Compost ProjectRoast & Co. (Kew Gardens)Richmond Hill LibraryVillage Diner

This page is under reconstruction in 2021...return soon. 

The Core Group


The Core Group

The Briarwood CSA formed out of the Kew Gardens CSA in 2019. KGCSA members from Briarwood wondered if there would be support, and there was!  Member Rishi saw the need and led the campaign----and right away Briarwood embraced the idea. Our first season was successful and then COVID hit.

The connections between Kew Gardens and Briarwood remain---and we share a Core Group.
The KGCSA Core Group is made up of members who want to do more or give more. They are the doers and deciders of the group and they make things work. The Core Group for 2021 consists of : Alexa Degioannini*, Christopher Blosser, Judy Jones*, Katarzyna Janiak, Kevin Burns, Linda Appel, Rishi Nath*; Ron Tirino. (Briarwood reps are asterisked.)

Meetings are generally held monthly throughout the season.

Core leaders will be present during distribution and we encourage members to get to know who they are and to bring forth any questions, concerns, insights or suggestions. If you are interested in working on the Core, just speak with someone or email 

This page is currently under reconstruction for 2021. Stay tuned...



                                                      The Briarwood CSA is a member of the Just Food CSA Network.

  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.