Thursday, March 11, 2021

Membership Options for 2021


Briarwood CSA Shares and Prices for 2021

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By request, here is a brief description of your share choices and prices. Be sure to consult the complete information on each share at the Garden of Eve website as you make your choices. If you have questions about anything, ask the farm or us. Briarwood is a biweekly only CSA. We have 12 pickups per season, starting June 13 and continuing every other week through November 14. When you sign up, choose A week from the dropdown.

Everybody starts out with an obligatory vegetable share of any kind listed below. To this you can add on a variety of options including a Fruit Share, Egg Share, Sunflower Share, Cheese Share and monthly Craft Beer share. Further details can be found on the Farm's signup page.

*Vegetable Biweekly Share: $385.08....12 distributions ($35.09 per pickup) 7-9 vegetables and herb items per pickup, includes enough vegetables for two large vegetarian meals per week for a family--or sides for a whole week.

COMBO Biweekly Share (Vegetables, Fruit, Sunflowers, Eggs): $675....12 distributions ($56.25/pickup) The Biweekly Combo responds to POPULAR DEMAND for a little bit of everything at a reasonable price. It includes a biweekly share of veg, fruit, flowers and eggs at $25 off the total price of the shares if purchased separately.

Vegeholic Biweekly Share (2x Vegetable): $720 / season....12 distributions ($60.00/pickup) This share should last you a whole week, for veggie meals every day or extensive juicing. It will be approximately 5-6 bunches of greens per week and 15-20 lbs additional vegetables. It will be a LOT of vegetables at some points in the season, so please take this into account!

Veg Share SUMMER ONLY $32.31 / 14 distributions = $452.34/ for short season (June to September)


Fruit Biweekly Share: $180.24....12 weeks @ $15.02/pickup   June: Strawberries, July: Blueberries, Raspberries, cherries, August: Peaches, sometimes plums, apricots, nectarines, melons, September and October: Apples of many different varieties, sometimes heirloom apple varieties, and pears. Typical quantity is 2 quarts of berries, or 3-4 lbs of peaches/ plums/ pears, or 10 apples.

Eggs Biweekly Share: $84.00....12 weeks @ $7 doz/pickup  Receive one dozen farm-fresh eggs from our own pastured, free-range layers. The yolks are very orange and full of omega-3's, naturally. The most flavorful egg you will ever eat.

Sunflowers Biweekly Share: $50....NOTE: 5 distributions @ $10/bouquet. ends early. Beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, grown fresh on the farm and picked up weekly. Flowers last 4-7 days in a vase.

Cheese Biweekly Share: $240....12 weeks@ $20/pickup  Each CHEESE share contains 3 different types of cheese/dairy, usually not repeated during the season. The seasonally available cheeses are mainly from family-scale creameries in New York State, NJ, and VT. NO PRODUCT IN THIS SHARE WILL Be made from milk that contains HORMONES, ANTIBIOTICS or other non-natural substances. It will include a rotating variety of the following, among other surprises: goat chevre; cows milk cheeses; aged raw milk cheeses; yogurt; sheep cheese

Craft Beer Biweekly Share: $87.00.... $14.50 x 6 monthly pickups One half-growler of craft beer from Garden of Eve Farm Brewery each month! You will receive 32 oz of a different beer each month, in a re-usable glass bottle (enough for approx 3 glasses). Order as many shares as growlers you'd like to receive monthly! You will go through these fast. Price includes sales tax

Pay for your shares with credit card or e-check. We suggest that e-check is better for the farm as they incur costs when we pay by card. Note that the farm has an extended-payment option using e-check. Sign up at the farm's website.

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  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.