Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Subsidized Share / Revolving Loan Programs


Subsidized Share Program

The subsidized share program is a way to make fresh, organic, local produce available to those with limited incomes. Subsidized shares are made possible through the generosity of Garden of Eve and the core group, and are given out on an as-needed basis, to the extent that we can afford to subsidize them.

Interested individuals are invited to submit a request via email to kewgardenscsa@gmail.com..The request should outline the reason for the request. Referrals of candidates by CSA members are especially welcome.

Anyone can apply for a subsidized share, and all applications are reviewed with respect to the confidentiality of the applicants by a small subcommittee of core members. The enrollment period ends on June 16th.

The following considerations will inform the selection of candidates:

– Hardship at the time of the application

– Time of the receipt of the application

– Qualification for government assistance such as WIC, EBT, social security/fixed income or disability (SSI)

– A total household income equal to or below the amount indicated in the chart below


(the number of people eating the share -whether or not they are related)


(Household’s total pre-tax income from all sources)


Subsidized shares are given out on the honor system, although the core group reserves the right to request supporting documents.

Revolving Loan Program

Through a grant from the Citizen's Committee for New York City, the Briarwood CSA offers a way to join the CSA without having to put the full amount of the shares up front. The CSA will fund the member's share, and the member will reimburse the CSA throughout the season. At the end of the season, the funds are restored into the CSA treasury to be used the following year...and after. The purpose of this loan is to increase membership and promote diversity.

Contact us at briarwoodsa@gmail.com to discuss.....

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  Briarwood CSA is currently on hiatus and will NOT be available for the 2022 season. We will post an update when we resume operations.